Auditions for Angels Theatre Company’s New Play

Audition Information for Neon Vista Barre and Grill by D. Chapelle

Audition Dates: Saturday, January 25, 3:45 to 8:00 pm
Sunday, January 26, 12:45 to 5:00 pm
Possible callbacks Tuesday, January 28, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Audition Location: The Foundry, 211 North 14th Street in Downtown Lincoln, 2nd floor

Performance Dates: March 26-30

Director: Jillian Carter

Audition Details:

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Actors will read in
groups at the top of every hour, with a maximum of ten actors in each

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the hour to allow time for
intake paperwork.

Please be prepared to list all your conflicts between
February 1 and March 19. No conflicts will be allowed for tech/dress
rehearsals and performances between March 20 and 30.

If possible, please bring a current headshot or picture to attach to your audition form.

Check out the Facebook event here.

About the Show:

Neon Vista Barre and Grill is a brand new play by local
playwright, member of the Angels Theatre Company Play Writing
Collective, and Lincoln community theatre mainstay, D. Chapelle. Portions of the play
were previously performed at this summer’s First Flight Festival, but this
is the world premiere of the full-length play.

“Everyone needs a place to be. A place to rest, regroup, and regenerate
over a cold drink, a hot cup of good coffee, and a bite to eat. The Neon
Vista Barre and Grill is such a place. During the course of a day the
resident bartender her presides over a diverse group of people seeking
resolutions and reprieve from their existence. The life of the bar holds
laughs, balanced with a measure of anguish.”
-Playwright D. Chapelle

Roles: 7 WOMEN, 5 MEN (possible double-casting for some roles)

CRYSTAL, the bartender, may not have seen it all, but she’s heard most everything.
She is in her late twenties/early thirties and has an impish quality about her.

ALISON is the waitress with a friendly shell surrounding her no-nonsense attitude
toward life.

GRANT is a suit-and-tie business man rushing to a meeting. Once he arrives, he
stumbles across what might be a forgotten piece of his past.

JOANN is a business woman in her mid-thirties to mid-forties who likes things neat and
tidy. At the Neon Vista she is reminded how messy life can be.

DUSTIN is a writer, and Alison’s significant other, hopefully he is a better writer than he
is a boyfriend.

ROSE, a nervous young woman, is in search of peace and redemption.

CAROL is a business woman in the arts. Carol wears her business attire as a suit of
armor. She’ll need the armor once she meets a writer named Dustin.

HIM is a serious young man, neat and well-dressed, who is doing his very best to stay
relaxed while he carries the weight of the world in his pocket.

HER is a young woman dressed brightly, carrying a very large purse, who is distracted
by the events of the coming day.

BOBBI is a stylish middle-aged woman who refuses to judge herself by her age.
However, she is willing to judge her current significant other because of his age.

PAUL is on one side or another of twenty-five. He is sharp, pleasant, and enjoys each
moment he can share with Bobbi.

THE OLD MAN is closer to the end of his story than he is the beginning. He holds court
in silence from his corner of the Neon Vista.

Notes on the location:
The show will be performed at the Boathouse Marina Restaurant at Branched Oak
Lake, right outside Lincoln. Rehearsals will take place at The Foundry in downtown
Lincoln until March 15, when we will begin rehearsing in the venue. Actors and crew will receive a travel stipend, in addition to their contracted stipend to pay for the added gas, time, etc.

*For questions, please email Director Jillian Carter at

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