Angels Theatre Company First Flight Festival 2018

“It was a dark and stormy night….” None of the plays in the 2018 First Flight Festival begins that way, but one of Andy Dillehay’s comedies (he’s got three plays in the Festival) begins with “Mom’s house is on fire and Dad is dead.” Paul Burrow’s play begins with “Order! Order! the courtroom will come to order. We will now hear the charges brought against Citizen A by the House Committee for Clean Language,” and there’s a tooth fairy who wants to be a fairy godmother!

Angels Theatre Company presents First Flight Festival 2018, a festival of 22 short plays written by local playwrights, all members of Angels Playwriting Collective, July 18 – 29, 2018 in Lincoln at the University of Nebraska’s Studio Theatre located on the first floor of the Temple Building, 12th & R Streets (across 12th Street from the Lied Center).

All are short plays, each under 20 minutes. Flights A & B contain eight plays each. So, an average evening of performance lasts approximately two hours including intermission. Each Flight is followed by a discussion with the playwrights. Flight C is a little different because it contains plays written for youth, performed by students from Malcolm Nebraska public schools.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit or call Judy at 402-474-2206.

The performance schedule is as follows:

FLIGHT A – July 18, 20, 26 at 7:30 PM, July 22 at 2 PM & July 28 at 8 PM
“Window # 5” by Paul Burrow
“Lesbians, KFC and Ellen Degeneres” written by Willow Statmore & Jillian Carter (older cast)
“Absence of Absence” by Brian Bornstein
“Something Worse” by Brian Bornstein
“Rainier Mountain High” by Mark Bestul
“#MomPower” by Jillian Carter
“A Path of Love” by Cec Burkhart
“F Bomb in the Courtroom” by Paul Burrow

FLIGHT B – July 19, 21, 22, 27 at 7:30 PM & July 28 at 4 PM
“The Tooth” by Robin Buckallew
“Lesbians, KFC and Ellen Degeneres” written by Willow Statmore & Jillian Carter (younger cast)
“She Loves Me” by Robin Buckallew
“Tenderly Redux” by Andy Dillehay
“One Old Grouch” by Robin Buckallew
“A Continual Feast” by Andy Dillehay
“Pumpkin Talk” by Robin Buckallew
“Rainy Thursday Afternoon” by Andy Dillehay

FLIGHT C – July 24 & 25 at 7:30 PM & July 29 at 2 PM
“She Loves Me” by Robin Buckallew (July 24 & 25 only)
“The Tooth” by Robin Buckallew
“Hounds of Silence” by Dwight Johns
“The Voice” by Nicole Benischek
“Lions & Tigers & Bears (oh my!)” by Dwight Johns
“Spellbound” by Alijah Mallula
“#Mom Power” by Jillian Carter (July 24 & 25 only)
“Diamonds in the Rough” by Phil Schupbach
“9 Seconds” by Brian Bornstein
“Me & Phil” by Dwight Johns

General admission ticket price is:
$15.00 for one Flight
$25.00 for two Flights
$35.00 for three Flights (full Festival pass)

OLLI and student discount is $5.00 off the general admission price.
Tickets available online at starting July 1, 2018, by phone at 402-474-2206, or at the box office in the Temple Building Lobby, beginning an hour before each performance.



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