Dixie’s Tupperware Party Puts a Tight Seal on a Fun Night Out!

by Deanna Walz

Here’s hoping your Tupperware is dishwasher safe, ‘cause this show gets a little filthy. But in the best way possible. Dixie’s Tupperware Party at the Lied Center is a joyous and irreverent celebration in all things plastic. 

The fiery Dixie Longate hosts a not-so-typical Tupperware party and extols the virtues of the iconic plastic kitchen essentials. This hour-and-a-half show is filled with jokes that are not only blue, but lovely shades of cobalt, azure, and turquoise. This is the kind of show that is enjoyed best with a group of friends and a couple of bottles of cheap rose. It is a drag show after all. If bawdy humor and laughing until you cry isn’t your thing, you should definitely stay home.

But during this performance there were moments of sweetness.

Dixie’s admiration of Tupperware sales queen, Brownie Wise is so palatable, I had to look her up after the show to see if she was a real person. And indeed she was. Celebrating the female entrepreneurial spirit is integral to this show, and Dixie does it with reverence and affection. Dixie shares her own backstory throughout the party, and anyone who has experienced struggles and a desire for success and freedom will definitely find a kindred spirit in Dixie.

The mix of sassy stories and female empowerment is one of the things that makes this show so special. Amid the laughter and the shocked giggles, Dixie makes sure to lift every woman up in the room and let her know how special she is and how to navigate the negativity in the world. 

Dixie’s energy level was infectious and the perfect antidote for the COVID blues. Her breakneck delivery, hyper-repetition, and mumble-slurring over the “boring” product details was part of the fun. When she brings up audience members to play the typical home party “games,” the audience has a blast cheering them on. The audience participation element is a terrific way to drop people into the deep end of live theatre again. It feels so great to be a part of something alive instead of just staring at another screen.

It felt so good to be back in the audience at the Lied Center and to be in a room laughing with other people than my family. I actually wished we would have had order forms with our program so I could have ordered for Christmas. You can actually order Tupperware on Dixie’s website: dixiestupperwareparty.com.

If you go: Dixie’s Tupperware Party has shows October 21-24 at 7:30pm and October 24 and 25 at 2:00pm, all at the Lied Center for Performing Arts (12th and R Streets in Lincoln). Tickets are available on the Lied Center app, online, or by calling the box office at 402-472-4747.

Deanna Walz is a marketer and event specialist for the Lincoln Journal Star. She has participated in productions for many theatre companies in Lincoln both on and off stage. She believes in the power of community theatre for the audience, the production team, and for our community as a whole. Sharing stories creates stronger communities.

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