Four Old Broads is a Delightfully Surprising and Complex Comedy

By Barb Dorn

Four Old Broads, Community Players, Friday October 14, 2022 7:30PM

When I saw the ad for Four Old Broads auditions, I almost tried out (being, ahem, the right “vintage.”) Wow, good thing I tossed that idea. This cast was spot on. What a hoot!  

The teaser describing the show as four women in a retirement home, who are trying to plan a cruise but get distracted by bingo and a former Elvis impersonator – is just that. A teaser. The plot is delightfully more complicated. Each cast member owned their role and made them so much fun! The character development is well done through the dialogue.

And let me compliment the cast for this – with only seven roles in a two hour plus performance, that is a LOT of dialogue to memorize!  This opening night had a couple of miscues and pauses, but really picked up steam as the “plot thickened” and is sure to get better and better in future performances! 

The set was ideal for a commons area in a 1980’s retirement community and worked well for the actors to move between their rooms and the “dark side.” Sound and lightning were very well done. Background music was perfect between scenes!  Every seat in the house gives a great view of the stage.

The audience, the majority of which, well let me just say that I fit right in with the rest of the demographic, was obviously highly entertained. But there was a good cross section of age and gender represented, although the play does get a little bawdy and wouldn’t be for children (and they probably wouldn’t catch the humor anyway.)

The plot resolution has some fun surprises, carried off so well by the actors. What a fun way to spend a Friday night! Thank you Beatrice Community Players! 

If you go: Four Old Broads runs October 14-24, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30PM, and Sundays at 2PM. Visit for ticket information.

Barb Dorn is a Storm-spotter (not -chaser, that takes serious money) and a bit of an old broad herself.

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