No Body is Hilarious Like Jimmy!

By Katie Vyskocil

No Body Like Jimmy, Olde Glory Theatre, Friday January 27, 2023

As I was sitting in the theater waiting for this show to start, I couldn’t help but re-read the title of the production: No Body Like Jimmy.  As the story went on, I soon realized the emphasis of “No Body.”  Eloise (Elizabeth Ascher) is a politician hosting a dinner party with her husband Ralph (Broderick Schofield).  Harold (Adam Prince), Ralph’s best friend from college, needs to hide a dead body.  Harold’s timing couldn’t be worse when he brings the body into the house during the event.  As campaign donors start to arrive, Ralph and Harold try to hide the fact that there is a dead body at a very important dinner.  

During the first scene of this production, I was automatically hooked by the story.  I was not sure where this play was going to go beforehand, but I was immediately intrigued because of this outstanding ensemble cast.  Every character had a background story of their own that they shared with “Jimmy.”  This alone made the show more interesting, since the play did not focus on only one or two characters, as every character had a chance to show their personality.  

One character that stood out to me was Baxter (Micah Henschen). Baxter, brother of Eloise, was the bartender for the night.  He seemed boring at first and I wasn’t too sure of his character.  I assumed that he wasn’t going to feature heavily in the production, but I was happily surprised.  He was one of the funniest characters in the show.  I won’t spoil too much of the production but he was definitely my favorite.

Ralph and Harold were two other characters whom I enjoyed watching.  Their bantering back and forth was truly hilarious.  They were able to make the audience laugh hysterically multiple times.  I enjoyed their performances and they held the production together.

The set design was great.  There were two chairs and a couch that made the home look very cozy.  I was impressed by the actors in how they were able to utilize a smaller space and use expressive movements to captivate the audience with their characters and story.  

Another point I want to reiterate was that the cast as a whole was absolutely stunning.  They pulled you into the story.  I felt like I was involved with what was going on and felt guilty myself while watching.  The emotions that the actors were giving made me feel the same way they did, which is what actors are supposed to do: they certainly did their job.

Even in the few moments when it was difficult to see what was happening with the actors utilizing the floor, they were still able to describe what was happening for the audience members who were not able to see them.

Overall, this production was the definition of comedy.  If you want to see a production full of laughter, this cast will make you laugh hysterically.  I cannot put into words how impressed I was by the work of the actors and the directors in this production.  Congratulations to the directors, Hannah Watt and Haleigh Fitzsimmons, and the cast. You all did an incredible job at making people laugh and have a good time.  I am overjoyed I was able to attend this show and I highly recommend seeing this production whenever you get a chance. I guarantee this is a production that will keep you on the edge of your seat and laughing almost the entire time.

If you go: No Body Like Jimmy runs January 27-29. Tickets may be purchased at with options to attend the dinners/deserts before the shows.

Katie Vyskocil works full time at a community college and as a barista at a local coffee shop. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in education. In her free time she loves to review movies for her blog.

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