Sedition Asks Us To Think

by Summer Lukasiewicz

Angels Theatre Company’s production of SEDITION is overflowing with timely, relevant ideas worth discussing.

The theatre was chock-full of enthusiastic audience members who frequently laughed, sighed, and gasped at lines from this story of a 1917 trial of a UNL German professor whose patriotism was questioned for his opposition to America’s involvement in World War I.

[I support] “My country! Right or wrong.”

“He repeats what he’s heard. That’s all.”

“The truth is no defense against anything.”

“We’re all politicians now, like it or not.”

“Accusations…insinuations…You see how it is.”

This true story from 1917, written during the Iraq war, coming to the stage now in the 2018 political climate is loaded with themes that are currently in the headlines:

Who is allowed to vote.
Disdain for the “elite”.
Assault on freedoms and the Bill of Rights.
Questioning what it means to be American.

In a time when civilized discourse of serious challenges is so desperately needed, Angels Theatre Company brings us a hometown story that invites us to do just that.

Angels is hosting post-show discussions to allow the audience to join the conversation with educators, historians, and theatre artists.

The well-written play is brought to life by a capable cast of strong actors, with stand out performances from Cork Ramer and Richard Nielsen.

The simple lighting and stage design establishes three different locations that allow the actors to transition quickly from one scene to another. In longer set changes, John Gibilisco’s sound design reminds us that there is a very real war being fought beyond the borders of these battles of ideas that took place at UNL a hundred years ago.

The play asks us to think.
This play asks us to consider what’s right and what rights we have.
These are ideas worth discussing.
You’ve been invited!
Accept Angels Company’s invitation and join the conversation.

Sedition runs through Sunday, October 28th. For more information about Sedition or to buy tickets go to the Lied Center website or call 402-472-4747.

Summer Lukasiewicz is an actor, director, writer, educator, the Executive Director of Flatwater Shakespeare Company, and a lover of well-told stories.

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