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Into the Woods, Worth the Journey

By Katie Pynes Anetsberger Into The Woods, The Nebraska Communities Playhouse, April 28, 2023 7:30PM I may be the last person in the theatre world to attend a performance of Into the Woods, but I’m grateful that this was my first experience. I think I’ve seen just about every cast member of this production in…


Creative Sparks Fly at Nebraska Communities Playhouse

By Katie Pynes Anetsberger Children of Eden, The Nebraska Communities Playhouse, February 17, 2023 7:30PM As much as I love the whimsical experience of singing along to many popular musicals, there is something deeply moving about a story which leaves you with existential thoughts instead of 76 trombones. Children of Eden does just this, leaving…


Wander to Hickman, stay for the Wonder. 

Nebraska Communities Playhouse, Friday, December 16, 2022, 7:30 pm.  Ok, the Scroogish façade I wear is a bit thin. Secretly Christmas is my favorite time of the year. According to Bill Murray, it’s the one time of the year “we are the people that we always hoped we would be.” And if you haven’t seen…


Don’t Drink the Water?

By Rachele Stoops Tuck Everlasting,The Stage Theater (Nebraska Communities Playhouse,) Thursday September 29, 2022, 7:30PM Remember in sixth grade language arts class, when instead of reading whole books you’d read those little teasers from a textbook full of three or four page excerpts of stories, and since there wasn’t any internet, the only way to…


Matilda and the Giant Theater

By Rachele Stoops Nebraska Communities Playhouse (The Stage Theater), Thursday July 14, 2022. When Roald Dahl’s first children’s book was published in 1943, it was wartime. Germany began bombing English cities in 1941, and many children in those cities were sent to live with strangers in the countryside, to keep them safe. Maybe Dahl, a…

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