Wander to Hickman, stay for the Wonder. 

Nebraska Communities Playhouse, Friday, December 16, 2022, 7:30 pm. 

Ok, the Scroogish façade I wear is a bit thin. Secretly Christmas is my favorite time of the year. According to Bill Murray, it’s the one time of the year “we are the people that we always hoped we would be.” And if you haven’t seen that Christmas classic, tonight is the night. And last evening I was reminded by NCP in their Christmas Cabaret that the season is about love. You can drive to Hickman for that. It’s close by, really. But eat dinner before you go, the Mettle Grill moved to Lincoln, and I need some recommendations on where to eat now in Hickman. 

It was a delight to sit in the house with people who were there for their family and friends and that thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A gentleman sat near me that was captivated by the nostalgia and the songs. It brought a smile to my face just knowing he was having such a great time. There were Christmas lights, and simple, effective décor, strong voices, dancers, and this nice, comforting warmth. The chosen songs were traditional, contemporary, a welcome mix of energy and mood. 

Highlights for me were Winter Song, with Chloe Schwarting and Amanda Stemen, All I Want for Christmas Is You, with Amanda Stemen, and Love is Christmas, with Laura Lynn Horst. That last song was particularly poignant for me, since I was sitting right next to Laura’s very proud mother. Now, different strokes for different folks and all, everyone would in the audience would have answered the question, “What was your favorite song?” quite differently if you’d polled the audience most assuredly. 

If you need a quick reminder that Christmas is really about love and family and want to do it in a room full of kind souls who are “fellow passengers to the grave” (I played Nephew Fred in my very first experience with that story, so it kind of stuck), head out to NCP this evening or tomorrow. Those are the only two other opportunities to catch the Christmas in Wonderland. Don’t miss it! 

Thanks for having me Nebraska Communities Playhouse, keep telling your stories. 

If you go: You can catch Christmas in Wonderland December 17 & 18, with 7:30 pm curtain times Saturday and 2:00 pm on Sunday. Reservations are encouraged and can be made online.  

Jamie Bullins is a member of the faculty in the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at UNL, since the fall of 2017. He is an Educator, Scenographer, Director, and Playwright and has been at it for over 25 years now. 

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